Cross Country Skiing for kids aged 5 to 14...
The Bill Koch Ski League emphasizes fun while teaching cross country skiing skills through drills, games, and races including our end of season Olympic festival and promotes
cross country skiing, a lifelong sport with many recreational, social, fitness and competitive opportunities.  Run by the New England Nordic Ski Association (www.nensa.net), the BKL thrives with over 40 local clubs in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts.

The Program

The Great Brook Bill Koch Ski League meets Saturdays mornings from 8:45-10:30 during December, January and February at Great Brook Ski Touring Center (www.greatbrookski.com) at Great Brook Farm State Park in Carlisle.  Directions.  When natural snow cover does not exist, the club still conducts “dry land training” exercises and activities, and occasionally may travel to other locations to reach snow.

Skiers in the club wear numbered bibs, issued at the start of practice and collected at the end of practice, and will be grouped according to these age categories:

Generally, the following schedule will apply:  check-in at 8:45, warm-up exercises, 30-40 minute lessons/practice, 30-40 minute period of games and activities.  Groups will usually remain in the area of the Lantern Loop and High Meadow with the more advanced groups taking advantage of the whole park.

Clothing & Equipment

Skiers should dress appropriately to stay warm and dry.  Multiple layers of either stretchy or loose synthetic blend clothing are best for physical activity in winter weather since they allow easy adjustments to maintain comfort.  Parkas and snow pants are generally not appropriate for cross country skiing unless it is severely cold.  Hat, gloves/mittens and sunglasses are recommended.  Skiers must have their own skis, boots and poles.  Mark names on all items!  

NENSA has ended its ski program of past years.

The Paperwork

The Great Brook Bill Koch League is extremely fortunate to have access to the Great Brook Ski Touring Center and to have sponsorship of NENSA and its programs access.  As you register on-line you will be asked to approve waivers for all and your child becomes registered with NENSA.   Questions? contact: registration@greatbrookski.org

Yahoo Group

The club uses a Yahoo Group for communication.  Every family should have at least one email address in the group.  Sign up on our contacts page. To unsubscribe send an email (to Yahoo) from the account you want removed using the link in the bottom of any message or here.

Parent Responsibilities

Parents are required to remain on-site (and encouraged to ski).  In case of emergency we need parents or another responsible adult available.  Parents of Lollipop Group skiers are expected to ski with the group.  The club is volunteer-run and interested parents are needed to lead, coach, assist and chaperone and provide administrative support.  The size of the group is directly related to the participation of parents for coaching, support and event assistance.  Every parent of a club member is expected to do something.

Parents on skis are also required to participate as Sweepers to assure the club rule of "two sweepers" on every group.

Ski Waxing

Skiers and/or their parents are responsible for [learning how and their family's] ski waxing, the club has a wax box and provides training during early season practices.

Trail Passes

Great Brook Ski Touring Center has generously donated trail time for Club Members during the Saturday's 9:00-10:30 Program hours.  If you plan to extend your day or use the facilities outside the program hours you must also purchase a day/season pass.  This is a very significant savings for club members, please respect this.  Be sure to check out the Touring Center night skis and other impromptu opportunities to explore on  your own with day/night with many club members opting for a season pass!

Weather Policy

We celebrate snow!  But use your own judgment.  Should a wild weather event occur a message may be sent via the yahoo group, but if it is unsafe to drive, don't.

Youth Protection

All parents and their children must follow traditional "rule of two" philosophies.  (Two adults/two children). While we are in no way connected to scouting, they have excellent policies to use as guidelines for all parents including:

Fee Schedule (See Registration page for this season's fees) which go towards:

Other costs you may incur that are not included in the registration: